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The Friendly Atom

     One of the keys to our image is contained in the title of this thread. 
     Let's face it, the athropomorphic depiction of atoms as "good guys" 
     failed a long time ago.  
     The converse, planting the image of radiation as "wicked" (along with 
     all the evil scientists who favor it), has been rather successful.  
     In fact, the beliefs of the most extreme of the anti-nuclear activists 
     are not based on science at all...they are essentially 
     pseudo-religious.  No preponderance of facts will change their minds, 
     because anyone who presents pro-nuclear information has been "tainted" 
     by this evil.
     The challenge is to help the uninformed see nuclear technologies as 
     the neutral, useful tools that they have become.
     BY THE WAY...related to this issue, I think we need to correct a 
     tragic injustice:  Why don't we try to find ways to see that the good, 
     hard-working men and women WHO HAVE INDEED MADE GOOD ON THE PROMISES 
     OF NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY receive the thanks and recognition they deserve? 
     It's instructive to look at the glowing predictions of the 1950's and 
     see how many of them have been achieved and surpassed.  Let's not let 
     the anti's get away with trashing the positive contributions our 
     industry has made. Maybe this would be one way to help turn the tide 
     of opinion.
     Vincent King