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nuclear energy forum in japan

Here is some info on a forum that you may wish to log into 
and add a comment or two.

Mike Baker ... mcbaker@lanl.gov


	 Do you agree or disagree to the necessity of Nuclear Power 
Energy? NHK has launched a worldwide public debate forum over the 
internet, called “GLOBAL FORUM”. The objective is to discuss freely, 
the common problems among all mankind. Our theme is : “Nuclear Energy.”

On April 1, 1988, NHK has set up a web site, “GLOBAL FORUMÅEThe Future
of Nuclear Energy”; http://www.nhk.or.jp/forum  

English version will start around the 17th april!!!!!! 

This web site provides information which serves as a premise of the 
discussion. It adequately provides the organized information concerning 
the Chernobyl accident, the trend of nuclear power generator worldwide, 
and the problems and roles of nuclear energy, all gathered from previous
produced programs of NHK.

We send this information, hoping you will participate to this discussion
after going through our web site. Varieties of opinions, objections,
counterarguments, are greatly appreciated.  We hope to gain future
prospect through sharing the facts and information over series of

At this discussion, all opinions received in Japanese will be translated
into English, and those in English into Japanese, and will be accessible
on the “GLOBAL FORUM” web site. NHK is scheduled to broadcast the process 
of this discussion as a documentary program, in August 1998.