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RE: Atomic Train on NBC -Reply

I'm from Canada but I do receive NBC and this series is no better or worst
then any other "disaster" series that invaded the TV waves after Twister,
Volcano and other cheap trills (stay tuned for the asteroids). And believe
me, the public will forget about this stupid train thing the same way.
Illegal nuclear waste on a train ! Why not a "Ex-USSR" nuclear gauge dealer
in a Japan subway ? Or a mad insdustrial radiographer in a nursery ?  I'm
surprised (actually not really...) that there was no movie made out of that
excellent thriller about atomic terrorists who hide an A -Bomb in New

We should be concerned about biased documentaries but we sure can't monitor
all low budget scenarios from Hollywood ! 

BTW: The person after Godzilla, futur summer blockbuster movie will be a
nuclear scientist of somekind....who cares ?

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> IF NBC actually plans to air ATOMIC TRAIN then there needs to be a
> concerted effort to get shows like 20-20, Night Line etc. to air the
> British
> ATOMIC TRAIN test crash films.  That would help to reduce view anxiety
> and the spread of misconceptions.