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Re: Wiedis

Jose & Wiedis
Wiedis, David
Suite 300B, Goshen Exec Center
1450 E. Boot Rd.
West Chester, PA 19380-5300
Phone:(610) 436-1888
Fax:(610) 436-1863

>Good morning!  I'd like to find contact information for David Wiedis
>and his law firm, and I suspect some of you are likely to know (no,
>nothing bad's happened!).  Thanks for your help!
>Sue Dupre
>Sue M. Dupre, Health Physicist
>Environmental Health and Safety Office
>262 Alexander Street
>Princeton University
>Princeton, NJ  08544
>E-mail: dupre@princeton.edu
>Phone:  (609) 258-6252
>Fax:    (609) 258-1804
>Visit the EHS Web site at http://www.princeton.edu/~ehs