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Sandy --

Too late ... we've been doing that for years ;-)

One of my staff jokingly stated a few years back
(and perhaps not inaccurately) that if we weren't the
Agreement State agency for the State of Georgia
we probably would have to get a radioactive
materials license to possess the fish that we were
collecting out of the Savannah River. I have to admit
that things appear to be MUCH better now ...
although you couldn't tell it from the new "No
Fishing" signs at mouths of SRS streams as they
enter the Savannah River. 

By the way, it's not only 'gators, fish, turtles, deer
and hogs ... there are also migratory waterfowl that
winter on some of the site ponds ... Par Pond for
example. A study of banded ducks several years
ago tracked them as far north as Canada. And no ...
I have no desire to make a career tracking
radioactive duck $%^&*( ...

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In other words, an "unplanned release"  :>   better
go out and "tag" the wild-life and double bag them!

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