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Repeated I-131 thyroid carcinoma therapies

|TAB|Our Nuc Med Chief has brought to my attention the case of
a patient who has received six or seven I-131 therapies already,
each 6 mos. - 1 yr. apart, and whom she is considering treating
again tomorrow.  Her concern is she has found all his blood
cell levels suppressed now for the first time, in particular
the platelets.  A recent I-123 scan revealed no significant
iodine receptive mets in the marrow itself.  Her obvious
concern is further suppression of bc production, and is
curious as to a ballpark marrow dose in such a patient per
mCi I-131.  She suspects this may be his last treatment
opportunity, and is unsure as to what dosage may be appropriate
in this case.
|TAB|I would appreciate any light that could be shed on this.
John D. Lowe
VA North Texas Health Care System