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Ron L. Kathren wrote:
> Les and all --
> It would seem that these are applicable to laboratories doing hair analysis
> as well as to every nuclear medicine laboratory in the U.S., according to
> the definition of 'laboratory'.  One could even interpret this to include
> all health physics and industrial hygiene laboratories, and especially in
> vivo counting facilities, since these clearly either provide information for
> diagnosis and prevention of disease and the assessment of health in human
> beings.
> Ron
> >****Note - " for purpose of health assessment"***
> >
> >
> >My comment....
> >
> >Bioassays conducted by most radiation protection program are for the
> purpose of regulatory compliance, not health assessment.  Radiation
> exposures within regulatory limits have no direct or immediate health
> impact.  As such it would appear that this regulation is not applicable by
> definition.  Aside from that the purpose of the act was to correct
> conditions relating to the health evaluation and treatment of people.
> Bioassay programs serve no purpose in this regard.
> >

At first look, I agree with Les that regulatory compliance labs are
exempt.  Not too sure of the Hair Labe  is one looks at "advertised"

  Roy C. Craft, CHP
Consulting Health Physicist
(409) 245-9991