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RE: React magazine and NIRS site

I had an extended interaction with "Mike" at NIRS a couple of years ago on
AOL when he posted some "facts" about how bad it would be if a reactor went
supercritical and claiming that a staffer of his had parked his car in the
containment at North Anna for 3 hours without being noticed. What I find
particularly disturbing about NIRS is that their disinformation cannot be
curbed and they claim to give "expert" testimony to CONGRESS regarding
things nuclear.

I discussed radiation risks, the fact that nuclear power plants are designed
to go supercritical and safely do it daily, and the impossibility of driving
a car into containment at North Anna (I've worked there) or any other nuke
power site. I was told I didn't know what I was talking about and that I was
a paid dupe for the utilities and nuclear industry.

This is another example of how the "anti's" are better plugged in than the
"pro's." We need to see our professional organizations develop a coordinated
plan to get the word out to the public about things nuclear. Next Earth Day,
we need to have our own materials about the "green" advantages of nuclear
power ready and hire a public relations firm or something to sell the public
information conduits on our side of the issues. Heck, I'll even donate web
hosting and design services for a site if someone wants to seriously do a
"cool" rad site. Each of us must do what we can, but we need to find a
unified, focused voice that plainly speaks to the fears fostered by the
disinformation groups if we're going to be heard above the pseudo-science.
The days of "if each atom in a drop of water were the size of a strawberry,
the earth would be covered..." need to be at an end. The public can't
imagine it and it doesn't speak to their fears.

Gary Damschen

purely my own opinion, etc.