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Cerium Compounds


I have two very old cerium compounds (Cerium Oxalate and Potassium 
Hexanitrato Cerate) which I would like to dispose of.  I am trying to 
identify  any chemical hazard characteristics that might cause these 
materials to be regulated under RCRA.  These chemicals are not 
specifically listed in 40.CFR 261.  The chemicals are in powder form. 
I have searched all of the internet sources, that I know of, for MSDS 
and product information on these chemicals and have come up with 

Does anyone know of any hazards associated with these 
chemicals that would  cause them to meet any of the four  hazard 
characteristics described  in 40 CFR Subpart C? 

Jerry Bonanno
Health/Safety Specialist
Rutgers University
Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety