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Re: Chernobyl and Similar Hazards

Chris Davey said:

> These viewpoints seem surprising to me, as the consensus on radsafe has
> been that radiation at low levels is certainly not a significant hazard,
> and may be beneficial, a la hormesis.


I'll make a stab at this. What we are dealing with, in my opinion, is 
not the potential for additional releases of "low level radiation 
exposure" but levels that are approximately what occurred previously. 
The exposure levels within the plant areas, and within some of the 
communities were quite high (I apologize for not having those levels 
at my finger tips). If the current configuration succumbs to nature, 
as expected, and crumbles, the amounts of contamination to be 
released are extremely large. I had recently attended a symposium 
where the contamination levels in the various lakes and rivers in the 
region were monitored, and the contamination levels were staggering.

The other part of the debate has to do with whether or not the 
Ukranians should be financially helped to build newer and safer units. 
In other words, shall we trust the same people who built the current 
configurations to proceed again, or, shall the rest of the world 
help, and, have a say in the design.

I personally don't consider the levels measured at the site (after 
the accident) or subsequent to, as being labelled as "low level". 
Before recommendations are made to move people back into the areas, a 
definitive assessment needs to be made as to what levels are 
acceptable. I do not have a recommendation regarding that, and leave 
what is considered to be acceptable, up to the experts, whomever they 

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