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Re: Victoreen problems

Wes Dunn wrote:
>We are having problems getting anybody at Victoreen to return our phone
>calls the past couple of weeks.  Has anybody else had problems or

I just received a mailing today regarding Victoreen/Nuclear

Repeating what was in the mailing, the familiar three names above have
morphed into:
	Inovision Radiation Measurements
	6045 Cochran Rd
	Cleveland, OH 44139

Sales:	800-850-4608
Apps:	440-498-2566
Service: 800-850-4606
Fax:	440-349-2307

I've not tried calling any of these numbers, so I can't vouch for any of this.

Douglas J. Simpkin, Ph.D., DABR
St. Luke's Medical Center
2900 West Oklahoma Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53215
phone: (414)649-6457
fax: (414)649-5061
email: dsimpkin@execpc.com
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