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Re: Radon in Caves

At 16:00 22.01.1999 -0600, you wrote:
>Very interesting, Susan.  Perhaps that's why the Nearderthals disappeared? 
>Purely tongue-in-cheek!
>Laurie Taylor


I do not believe that, because obviously the Neanderthals did not live long
enough to develop lung cancer. Moreover they were usually most of their
time in the fresh open air for hunting and gathering food. They had food,
which was not irradiated, was of true biological origin, did not contain
any artificial coloring, no fertilizers, no pesticides - a real paradise
for a healthful life! For some groups of today it might have been a much
nicer life to die of famine, freeze to death, being killed by animals or
the Neanderthals of next door - sorry, next cave - die of a cold at the age
of 25 or 30, than to live to the age of 70 in social security in mostly
good mental condition, but to be subject to the incredible risk of
receiving a femtoSievert from radon when visiting a cave.....

Sorry, I am cynical again.


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