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web-based/CB training

The choice of the authoring program is open for lots of discussion
(elsewhere).  We happen to use Asymetrix Toolbook.
A more fundamental question is whether to have web-based or web-distributed
training.  The latter is simply a means of downloading a program that runs
on your local PC.  There are substantial complexity compromises and speed
performance issues associated with web-based training, all of which can
limit the effectiveness of the program.

At the recent HP meeting Sue Depre gave a talk on her web based training
using Netscape Composer as the authoring medium (which anyone can get
free).  See her web site at 

I am sure attached to the bells-and-whistles allowed by a PC based program.
 But a basic application can certainly be done via the web.

Disclaimer:  the above are the personal musings of the author, and do not
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or anyone else who might think that they are in a position of authority. 
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