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Clean Area Surveys

At the Big Rock Point (BRP) Restoration Project we are reviewing some of the
practices which are a carryover from when the plant was a small operating power
reactor (67 MWe BWR).  Specifically we have two issues related to surveys
historically required by BRP procedures outside the RCA (RBA for those of you in
DOE land) but within the protected area (Controlled Area as defined by DOE).

First, we frisk all bags of trash generated in the clean protected area.  None
of this trash contains materials which have entered an RCA, let alone
contaminated areas.

Second, we frisk the tires of vehicles leaving the protected area even if the
vehicles have never entered an RCA.

In summary, we have been applying INPO guidelines for materials and vehicles
exiting an RCA at the exit from the protected area even if the materials and
vehicles have never entered an RCA.  It may make more sense to discontinue this
practice and concentrate on biased surveys of areas/equipment that might have a
higher risk of having contamination.

If you are involved in projects where similar controls are applied, we have two
questions for you.

1.  Do you apply similar controls on materials and vehicles exiting the
protected area but which have never been in an RCA?

2.  If you do apply these conservative controls, have they identified
radioactive materials that may have otherwise been inadvertently released from
the site?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Leon E. Brown
Sr. Consultant
Big Rock Point Restoration Project
(231) 547-8419

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