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Assesing X-ray dose from 60KVp dental X-ray machine

Hi All

Our dentist is using a 60Kvp X-ray machine. I have been issuing TLD(based
on CaSO4:Dy) for his personal monitoring but it always report zero dose. I
just want to make sure that the TLD reading is right. I am also a bit
worried about the dose anybody else may receive who are in the vicinity
but not behind the "gun". The doctor usually stand behind the X-ray "gun"
so the TLD might be right after all.  I would like to know how much dose
it produces in the vicinity (say, after scattering from the patient) and
how personal monitoring is done for the operating staff of such an energy
machine else where. 

Does someone know about any radiation monitoring done around such machines? 
Does anybody know any values for such machines? What method would you use
to measure the dose in a room with such an X-ray machine ?

I would be glad to receive some answers.

Thanks to All


Sunil Nair
Pelletron, TIFR

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