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Plate Glass for Shielding

I used the following article extensively back when I was doing medical xray
shielding calculations. It gives shielding properties for glass, wallboard and
lead.  It's in French, but there is an English summary, and the table are

Legare, J.M., P.E. Carrieres, A. Maseau, C. Bibeau, J. Robert, and N. Robidoux;
"Blindage Contre les Grands Champs de Rayons X Primaires et Diffuses des
Ceppareils Triphases au Moyen de Panneaux de Verre, de Gypse et de Plomb
Acoustique;" Radioprotection, Vol. 13 (No. 2): 79-95.

This is a little late getting out.  The RadSafe server seems to have a personal
vendetta against me.

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