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[Version March 2011] Subject to change without prior notice.

First Rule:

The purpose of the RadSafe Mailing List is to allow for the free exchange of ideas between its members, so as to assist them in their work and advance our fields of shared interest. To that end, it is possible that positions will be taken with which not everyone agrees. Often, there is not a need to publically air one's disagreement; however, to the extent, that one feels compelled to make his or her disagreement know, please make sure that discussion is as pleasant and professional as the circumstances allow. So, if you differ with a position being taken by another member, please do so politely. Remember that the written word shows no emotion, so double entendres, humor, cynicism, or slang usage should be used only with great caution.

General rules

  • The list is open to all points of view on radiation protection issues.
  • Civility is expected in all posts to the list. Attacking list members is not allowed and may lead to loss of list access.
  • The language used on the list is English.
  • Include a clear and specific subject line.
  • Edit any quoted text down to the minimum.
  • Read your own message three times before you post it to RadSafe.
  • When posting to the list include at least your full name and preferrably, if applicable, address, professional details, etc.
  • Do not curse, flame, spam, USE ALL CAPS or use only lower case.
  • (At least) Try to ponder how recipients might react to your message.
  • Check spelling and grammar. However, since RadSafe is an international list, please understand that a large group of members are non-native English speakers, so don't be to harsh on this.
  • When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific than "Re: Contents of radsafe digest ... and - rather than enclose an entire article that you quote only the germane sentence to which you're responding".
  • When in doubt, save your message overnight and reread it in the light of dawn.
  • Do not forward any chain letter.
  • Do not use the list for any illegal or unethical purpose.
  • That which you find hateful to receive, do not send out to the list.
  • Commercial postings and advertisements are not allowed.
  • Job postings will be accepted (both seeking and advertising).
  • "Not for profit" groups are allowed to advertise, i.e. training courses, etc. that are paid for.

    Technical rules and aspects

  • RadSafe is a closed list. Posting is only possible by members. Posting by non-members will be moderated by the moderator (Jeff Terry)
  • Only plain text messages will be accepted by the list. Any code (HTML, etc) will be filtered out.
  • Attachments are not allowed because of security reasons, except PDF-files. To send images with a message, please convert them to a PDF-file. Other image formats will be filtered out.
  • The maximum message size is 40 kB. Larger messages should be split up in multiple parts. Include a number in the subjectline of every part (e.g. 2/3).
  • If you want to reply to the list you should use the option Reply All in your mail program. When using Reply the mail will only be sent to the original sender of the message.
  • Do not use BCC to sent a message to RadSafe (this is an implicit address). Only To and CC are allowed (explicit addresses) when sending a message to RadSafe.
  • If a message from RadSafe is bounced from your email address for more than 5 times, your subscription will be temporary suspended.
  • Once a month a password reminder is sent to every listmember. Using this password, you can change settings of your subscription on your personal memberpage. For example: you can choose to hold your subscription for a while in case of a holiday or change to receive digest versions in stead of separate messages.
  • Digest versions can be received in either MIME or plain text format (that is all messages in one big text file). Default for new members is plain text.
  • Out of the office messages will be filtered out.
  • When referring to a document, program, etc. include the link to this file whenever possible.
  • If necessary, the RadSafe moderator (Jeff Terry) will provide storage space on the health.phys.iit.edu server for large files, documents, etc. that might be of interest to listmembers. Copyrighted material is excluded. The moderator will take into consideration all requests for storage on the server. However, only material related to RadSafe matters will be allowed.
  • The RadSafe listserv is currently hosted in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and the moderator reserves the right to remove posts that violate any applicable federal, state or local laws of the jurisdiction.