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Plutonium is considered the most lethal radioactive substance because a
millionth of a gram of plutonium dust lodged in the lung can be a fatal
dose. "The problem is that it takes just a tiny amount of plutonium to cause
cancer," says Dr. Sternglass.
.....accidents have already happened. Of the 25 U.S. space missions using
plutonium fuel, three have undergone accidents, admits the NASA impact
statement on New Horizons. That's a 1-in-8 record. The worst occurred in
1964 and involved, notes the impact statement, the SNAP-9A RTG with 2.1
pounds of plutonium fuel. A satellite it was to provide electricity to
failed to achieve orbit and dropped to Earth. The RTG disintegrated in the
fall, spreading plutonium widely.
Release of that plutonium caused an increase in global lung cancer rates,
says Dr. John Gofman, professor emeritus of medical physics at the
University of California at Berkeley.

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