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This note seeks to solicit opinions and comments  regarding the establishment 
of a new, electronic health physics journal.  The e-journal concept is not 
intended as  an indication of issues with existing journals or publication 
outlets.  It is intended to foster publication of  ideas from the widest possible 
collection of health physicists throughout the  world.  It is hoped that the  
e-journal would also document in a more formal manner the views of health  
physicists regarding contemporary issues (e.g., BEIR-VII, LNT, hormesis, and the  
new ICRP Recommendations).  From  recent RADSAFE discussion, it appears that 
there is some disagreement  with recent recommendations and guidance, and the 
e-journal would serve to  provide another source of feedback to the 
organizations promulgating these  recommendations.  A straw-man  e-journal concept 
The e-Journal would foster the development and  growth of the health physics 
profession.  Its goals would include (1) timely publication and dissemination 
of  health physics research and operational information, (2) the publication 
of  papers that might not be published in existing journals because of their 
unique  or controversial nature, (3) fostering interest, research, and debate on 
 emerging health physics areas,  (4)  disseminating information that will 
enhance worker protection, (5) fostering the  professional development of health 
physicists, (6) respectfully challenging or  supporting proposed regulations 
and guidance, and (7) providing an electronic  archive of articles for research 
and historical purposes. 
The e-Journal would also emphasize cutting-edge  areas of the profession as 
well as disseminating topics of interest and benefit  to the health physics 
community.  Health physics contributions would be accepted in a wide variety of 
areas  including contemporary, operational, and regulatory topics.  The 
e-Journal would be peer reviewed,  but the final publication decision would rest with 
the author since it is the  author that ultimately defends the work. 
I would appreciate receiving comments and  suggestions regarding the 
aforementioned e-journal concept.  If there is interest in participating in  the 
e-journal as a subject editor or contributor, I would also appreciate  receiving 
that information directly to my e-mail address 
Joe  Bevelacqua
Dr. Joseph  John Bevelacqua, President
Bevelacqua Resources
343 Adair  Drive
Richland, WA 99352
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