[ RadSafe ] Seabrook Nukes and cancers: TFP

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 When I went to the site below, I found that the eminent 'Scientist' Alec
Baldwin being quoted and realize that this information must be 'accurate'.
We analyzed thousands of samples after TMI and did not detect any
Strontium-90 or Cesium-137 in any of the milk samples from farms in that
region. Therefore I fail to see where the Strontium-90 came from.   
Possibly from the 'Fallout' of the late 50's and early 60's.  Certainly not
from TMI.  However, if it came from 'Fallout' and or TMI, how can one
determine the origin?  If Strontium-89 had been present in samples from the
latter, it would have come from TMI.  Again, where did the 'new'
Strontium-90 come from that showed up in the 90's?

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Dec. 6

	If you want the partisan's view on the Tooth Fairy Project, go to 

	Mangano et al. have published an article in The Science of the Total

Environment, Volume 317, Issus 1-3, 30 December 2003, Pages 37-51; (An 
unexpected rise in strontium-90 in US deciduous teeth in the 1990s.)  RPHP 
links to the abstract, and if you want the entire article you can pay 
American Elsevier $30.00.

Steven Dapra
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