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Two possible exceptions: Cf-252 and Mo-99 in the U.S. 

A1 = 0.1 TBq (2.7 Ci) and A2 = 0.001 TBq (0.027 Ci) for Cf-252 for
domestic use.
A2 = 0.74 TBq (20 Ci) for Mo-99 for domestic use.

Also, there were some rounding errors in the A1/A2 tables from TBq to
Ci; the SI units are the regulatory standard.

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Does anyone know if the post-2003 specific activity thresholds are in
line with or itdentical to the IAEA document BSS-115 (BSS = Basic Safety

Yes, the HM-230 change was supposed to do that.

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