[ RadSafe ] RSO Recharges for University and/or Govt. programs

Danny K McClung danny.mcclung at louisville.edu
Tue Dec 20 09:15:38 CST 2005

I have sent this around before, but now it is CRUNCH TIME with
administration. Any input will be appreciated. Previous repliers (you
know who you are) need not reply again. Thanks in advance and Seasons
Greetings Colleagues:
We here at UofL are curious about how the rest of the group makes ends
meet. More specifically, how do you raise your operating budget? We
currently have a recharge system that includes RAM package receipt and
personnel dosimetry. We do not charge for anything else at this time, as
we are only responsible for raising a portion of our own funds. 
We have had discussion on this topic with some of you previously
(SEURSO conference, Apr '05, here in Louisville). We now wish to include
everyone who frequents the AMRSO and RADSAFE list. We will compile a
summary of this information in an Excel document and share it with the
group after replies are received. Please provide a list of services you
are charging for and the dollar amounts. Any other pertinent information
is welcome.
Thanks in advance for your participation.
Danny K. McClung, RRPT
Health Physicist/Asst. RSO
University of Louisville
Radiation Safety Office
319 Abraham Flexner Way
Room 102, Building 55A
Louisville, KY 40202
502-852-5231 (phone)
502-852-8911 (fax)

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