[ RadSafe ] RE: Mangano: US Beta Levels Up 40% Since 1980

bobcherry at cox.net bobcherry at cox.net
Mon Dec 26 13:05:25 CST 2005

Stewart's comment below gave me an idea. Internet newsgroups and listservers often have awards voted upon by their members. Should Radsafe have an annual "St******ss Disinformation Award"? 

Actually, I am hesitant to name it after anyone for liability reasons. If this is deemed a good idea, we would have to come up with an appropriate name, a nomination process, a voting process, and, hopefully, a process for publicizing it to the media.

Just a thought, and I am not prepared to run this program.


>>If it were not for the fact that Mangano is so effective in fooling gullible 
members of the media and the public with his unscientific claims related to his 
being a 2nd generation Sternglass wannabe,

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