[ RadSafe ] RE: Mangano: US Beta Levels Up 40% Since 1980; disinformation must be corrected by relentless effort

parthasarathy k s ksparth at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 26 18:34:52 CST 2005

  Dear friends,
  Specialists in health physics and radiological protection are members of a totally isolated community. Most of them have a smug feeling that a few individuals remaining in isolation cannot do much damage. The individuals who come up with fresh findings to stoke the fears of lay public knew exactly what they are doing. They must be nailed not by isolating them, but by following them up constantly. It is a thankless job. Instituting " disinformation awards" may make them martyrs. Specialists may identify these "martyrs", effortlessly. But what about the public who willingly become victims of their propaganda. We will be successful only if they are exposed by the discerning members of the public.
  Those who wanted to scare the public choose the right subject, the right audience and proceed with their task with evangelic zeal. Their arguments seldom stand scientific scrutiny. Their task is easy. All they have to do is to appeal to the heart and not to the head. While they address women, they talk about leukemic children, birth defects,generations which will suffer from unknown maladies! I understand that many surveys have shown that women are more sympathetic to their cause.
  The biggest problem we face is isolation from the mainstream. When we get well integrated  into the community at large,our credibility will improve, public will trust us.Those who promoted "nuclear" science and related technology in the early years contributed immensely, but part of these contributions was admittedly negative.
  It will take years of effort to remove ignorance.
  A geiger counter put to effective use can dispel ignorance; glossy brochures may not.
  My two cents worth 
  Raja Ramanna Fellow
  Department of Atomic Energy
  GN 18, Vikram Sarabhai Bhavan
  Mumbai 400094 

bobcherry at cox.net wrote:
  Stewart's comment below gave me an idea. Internet newsgroups and listservers often have awards voted upon by their members. Should Radsafe have an annual "St******ss Disinformation Award"? 

Actually, I am hesitant to name it after anyone for liability reasons. If this is deemed a good idea, we would have to come up with an appropriate name, a nomination process, a voting process, and, hopefully, a process for publicizing it to the media.

Just a thought, and I am not prepared to run this program.


>>If it were not for the fact that Mangano is so effective in fooling gullible 
members of the media and the public with his unscientific claims related to his 
being a 2nd generation Sternglass wannabe,

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