[ RadSafe ] Information on TFP etc. urgently needed

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Tue Dec 27 17:21:24 CST 2005



I need urgently some information about the TFP and „publications“ of the
„scientists“ involved in it and other nonsense like the „elevated
gross-beta“ story, Sternglass etc.:


Does anybody know about papers of these persons which have been published in
peer reviewed journals? (I think to remember that recently one journal has
been mentioned on RADSAFE which published something about the TFP.) 


Has anybody the link to the description of the Sr-90 analytical method at
hand? I know that it exists and I commented at RADSAFE about it, stating
that it seems to be o.k., but I obviously lost the link.


Please no arguments why those „scientists“ are wrong, I have myself more
than enough and even better ones than I read at RADSAFE recently.







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