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Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
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Thanks to those who gave me hints and links which help me with my first
questions. The next question is, whether anybody has data available about
the concentration of Radium-226 (and Ra-228) in human teeth and/or bones.
One of the links showed, that actually the Ra-226 was not separated contrary
to what I had in memory. The description of the analytical process in one of
the links was further obscured by false information about the instrument
used (Quantulus). Therefore I would like to estimate what the error in Sr-90
concentration could be when not taking Ra-226 into account. Of course I
know, that the Ra-226 concentration will depend on the environment – as well
as the Sr-90 concentration.


One more question to the US-American RADSAFErs: I find a Joseph J. Mangano,
MPH MBA  not only as the National Coordinator of the RPHP website, but also
as an author of „Radioactive Strontium-90 in baby teeth of New Jersey
children and the link with cancer: A special report. I know that MBA means
„Master of Business Administration“, but what does MPH mean? Master of
Physics? Master of Philosophy? That MBA does not really point towards a
scientific background seems to be clear, but does MPH?


Thanks again for a very fast reply.




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