[ RadSafe ] TFP - next questions

J. Marshall Reber jmarshall.reber at comcast.net
Wed Dec 28 14:26:32 CST 2005

 From one website:
     Master of Public Health (conferee) or Masters in Public Health 

 From another website:
Also an abbreviation for the Master of Public Health degree. People in 
an MPH program learn about topics such as nutrition, epidemiology, 
health education, occupational health, and so on.

MPH programs usually require a year or two of study, depending in part 
on whether students go full-time or part-time. Some people enter MPH 
programs straight out of college; others earn an MPH while they're in 
medical school or law school; still others are practicing doctors or 
nurses who have returned to school to broaden their understanding of 
public health issues.

Graduates of MPH programs can work in a variety of fields; people with 
an MPH alone frequently work as nutritionists, administrators, or 
policymakers; people with a doctoral degree often work as scientists, 
doctors, nurses, or lawyers with a special focus on public health.

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