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Wed Dec 28 20:57:17 CST 2005


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       Hi Radsafers,

            Static electricity in the laboratory???  How about installing a
       (highly stable) humidifier for the wintertime???  Has anyone tried 

             Brookhaven AGS/RHIC news:  Seems like the heavy ion accelerator
       run for 2005-2006 is in peril.  Cashflow problems at Brookhaven.
       See their website.

             A human capital crisis in accelerator health physics???  
        LHC is being built at CERN.  A linear collider is eventually slated 
        Fermilab.  The Spallation Neutron Source is being constructed at
        Oak Ridge (ORNL).  Are any other actual construction projects slated
        for the USA???

             Well, enjoy 2006.

             Regards,     Joseph (Joe) R. Preisig, Ph.D.

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