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No Sandy I was not putting you in "the camp"...And I appreciate your
understand of true knowledge base.  As far as credentials go, would you
agree that the credential of CHP is the most significant in our field and
would stand up in a litigious environment regardless of college degree?

Mitch Davis

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On 29 Dec 2005 at 21:29, Mitchell W. Davis wrote:

> Seems I raised the
> hackles of many on here sometime back about the requirement for a BS
> (take that however you wish) degree as a requirement to become a CHP).
>  Seems credentials were the ONLY thing that meant an individual was
> "qualified" to sit for the CHP exam.  What is sad is that so many take
> stock in a piece of paper than an individual's true knowledge base. 
> Was this argument hypocrisy?  I do believe it was.


I hope that you'e not putting me in the camp of those that push for a 
degree before the CHP can be pursued. I for one stated that to me I'd 
rather have a person working for me who has an extensive knowledge of 
whatever field they are in when compared to many with a specific 
degree. In my 21 years at FPL, I worked with many who did not have a 
degree, but were the individuals I'd put my confidence in when a 
significant problem arose. However, there are many instances where a 
degree is essential. For whatever reason, when in front of a jury, 
the credentials are absolutely necessary, when very technical issues 
are discussed. I don't always agree that this is the case, but in 
many instances it is. There's nothing wrong with credentials. 
However, the case we're discussing here is criticism of an individual 
because of what is credentials are perceived to be. That is not 
correct either.

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