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Dimiter Popoff didi at tgi-sci.com
Thu Dec 29 22:52:22 CST 2005

Seems to be a plague nowadays...
 These days I heard an English football coach complain that
some of his substitute players were running wild over the pitch rather than
take the position he had told them because they did not speak a word  English.
Just imagine the guy slowly giving his explanations to a nodding player and his
face seconds after the player takes off...
 His English was not the easiest to understand, though - came close (well, not
too close) to my limit. At least when interviewed by the media.
 Unlike another, more famous colleague of his, who hopelessly
crosses this limit of mine. The fact that he is Scottish does not alter much
since he is the only Scottsman I fail to understand so far over the radio...
But wait, not so long ago, when I thought he was the only person speaking on
the BBC some language I could not understand his team was joined by an
English youth, a very talented player, whose speech is a duplica of that of
his Scottish coach as far as my input channels are concerned...

:-) :-) :-)

Have a lot of fun during the upcoming year,


Dimiter Popoff               Transgalactic Instruments


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>  Holy Moly!  A pickup truck carrying EMPTY radioactive and biohazard
>  containers turns over but the highway is shut down for hours because the
>  driver can't speak English and verify their emptyness.
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