[ RadSafe ] Re: LNT/threshold/hormesis - what do HPs really

Dimiter Popoff didi at tgi-sci.com
Wed Jul 20 15:47:29 CDT 2005

I believe it has to be mentioned, that polling is about getting information.
In this case, the information would be what do people think nowadays
about LNT, which is what Andy was after from the beginning, I believe.
 I doubt there are many, if any, listmembers who would confuse
truth with consent so this is probably a non-issue.
That the information can be misused is of course true like with just about
any other thing. In this case, though, I have witnessed so much controversy
about LNT that I seriously doubt such a survey could tip the balance
either way (this is my medically illiterate opinion).
 So my proposal stays, I can setup a page with some options which perhaps
Andy should define and have the thing done. I will see the clickers IP addresses from
the logs and obviously Big Brother will have access to them, too, but I will not give them
away, I'll just eventually deliver the counted results.


Dimiter Popoff               Transgalactic Instruments


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