[ RadSafe ] radiation not to blame for DU's nanopathology

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Thu Jul 21 04:15:53 CDT 2005

Many thanks to the person who sent this:


The volume number is 396, contrary to my earlier transposition
also corrected below:

 > I wish I had the time to read J.B. Bishop, K.L. Witt, and
 > R.A. Sloane, "Genetic toxicities of human teratogen," in
 > Mutation Research, vol. 396 (1997) pp. 9-43....
 > I have read Q. Hu and S. Zhu, "Induction of chromosomal
 > aberrations in male mouse germ cells by uranyl fluoride
 > containing enriched uranium," in Mutation Research, vol. 244
 > (1990) pp. 209-214.  It would seem prudent to redo that
 > experiment with inhaled uranium combustion products, given
 > the forwarded message below....

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