[ RadSafe ] DOE warns CH2M Hill about exposure

Stabin, Michael michael.g.stabin at Vanderbilt.Edu
Thu Jul 21 07:40:48 CDT 2005

Sandy writ:

>As I have so often stated, WE are our own worse enemies. We don't need
to worry about intervenors, about anti-nuclear entities. We have to
worry about ourselves, our own industry, when we see such idiotic
actions taken as are stated in this news article.

I agree of course. My gosh what if the same person had flown to Denver
by mistake for a few weeks? Increased cosmic AND terrestrial radiation
dose in the same trip of a comparable magnitude! (It's a joke people,
don't nitpick me on details here.)

>That is why I continue to recommend to students graduating to stay as
far away from this industry as they can. It's too damn risky .. and NOT
from the dose that they may receive. It's from management, regulators
and politicians. 

I don't know if you mean nuclear power or radiation safety, but as an
educator and eternal optimist I will disagree sharply with you. What we
need to do is to encourage people to get into the field and teach them
how to think clearly and objectively about these issues and be a
positive influence on practice, regulations, etc. Sure, it's frustrating
sometimes, but the solution is not for good folks to stay away, unless
you're proposing an "Atlas Shrugged" type of alternative solution, which
I don't think you are. (Wonder if James Taggart ever worked for DOE...)


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