[ RadSafe ] Re: LNT/threshold/hormesis - what do HPs really

Bob Scott scottbob at cox.net
Thu Jul 21 09:00:38 CDT 2005

It appears to me a very sensible set of questions and options, this poll of
Andy's.  If someone doesn't want to answer it, so be it.  But there seems to
be a large number of members on this forum, and it seems to me that we have
spent lots of time reading comments, questions and responses such that we
all probably have an opinion.  Since I see nothing stopping us from running
this poll, and two persons have already agreed to provide a place for it,
then merely a link on an email message to that site will give us the results
of the poll within some time frame.  Why not go for it?  I think it's a good
idea, and it appears others think likewise.  As for being a lurker, I cannot
enter into a scientific discussion of the subject, because I don't and
haven't done work or research on the issue.


Bob Scott.



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Thanks!  I would like to clarify somewhat.  


I am NOT thinking to resolve the LNT controversy by vote.  This should be
accomplished via scientific inquiry.


I AM trying to get a feel for the range of opinions on the matter.  

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