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A Karam paksbi at rit.edu
Wed Jul 20 16:26:56 CDT 2005

Thanks!  I would like to clarify somewhat.  
I am NOT thinking to resolve the LNT controversy by vote.  This should be accomplished via scientific inquiry.
I AM trying to get a feel for the range of opinions on the matter.  
Think of it as a sociology question.  For example, I am curious as to how many of us believe each of the models under consideration and the strength of that belief..  It would also be interesting to find out, for example, if there is a geographic pattern to the answers, or an employer pattern (i.e. do Europeans feel differently than North Americans, or Latin Americans, or Japanese?  do regulators feel differently than the regulated? how about researchers? and so forth).  
A possible question set might be along the lines of:
Which model describing radiation dose-response do you feel is most likely to be true?
How strongly do you feel about your answer above (on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being "just a wild guess" and 10 being "I'd bet my children on it")
Where do you live?
N. America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Russia and former Soviet Union
Middle East
Asia (not Japan)
Latin America
Other (who knows?)
Who do you work for?
Nuclear power industry
Environmental industry
Medical-related field
Are you:
Radiation safety professional
Radiation biologist
Radiation-related medical (e.g. nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, etc.)
Non-radiation-related medical
Nuclear power plant worker (non-health physicist)
Scientist in a field other than radiation safety or radiation biology
Interested non-scientist and non-radiation professional
Environmental activist
Anti-nuclear activist


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I believe it has to be mentioned, that polling is about getting information.
In this case, the information would be what do people think nowadays
about LNT, which is what Andy was after from the beginning, I believe.
 I doubt there are many, if any, listmembers who would confuse
truth with consent so this is probably a non-issue.
That the information can be misused is of course true like with just about
any other thing. In this case, though, I have witnessed so much controversy
about LNT that I seriously doubt such a survey could tip the balance
either way (this is my medically illiterate opinion).
 So my proposal stays, I can setup a page with some options which perhaps
Andy should define and have the thing done. I will see the clickers IP addresses from
the logs and obviously Big Brother will have access to them, too, but I will not give them
away, I'll just eventually deliver the counted results.


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