[ RadSafe ] DOE warns CH2M Hill about exposure

Sandy Perle sandyfl at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 21 09:39:37 CDT 2005

>>there were SOP deficiencies/departures which can never be 
tolerated.  The other critical issue was that the 274 mrem exposure 
apparently was not fully accounted for under an a priori ALARA 
process.  These two items should always be of concern to the 
workforce, and actively sought out by management.    

It is unusual that as a vendor principal deriving revenue from the 
LNT-regulated community, you have decided to "continue to recommend 
to students graduating to stay as far away from this industry as they 
can." How productive can that possibly be?<<

Hello Rick,

I agree with the issue regarding SOP and having a functional ALARA 
program. These programmatic issues should never be tolerated. I have 
no arguments with that. 

I was not pushing the LNT philosophy, either pro or con. I was simply 
focusing on the issue of whether or not a dose of 274 mrem, planned 
or un-planned, should have been one of the issues focused on. 
Question: Suppose the dose was only 100 mrem, just slightly higher 
than the annual average 74 mrem neutron dose. Would the response and 
outrage from the DOE office been the same?

As as students getting into this industry, let me clarify. I agree 
with Mike Stabin, that I was focusing more on nuclear power and DOE 
facilities. Granted, there may be initiation of new power plants in 
the USA, but having been in nuclear power for ~ 22 years, the 
downside is too great. There is no guarantee of a viable future or 
satisfactory career. Would I want to start now, in the current work 
environment, morale issues, etc.? No, and I can't recommend that. I 
do see a large demand in the medical community, and I do recommend 
that students assess those opportunities for their career.

Let the dialogue continue!


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