[ RadSafe ] Rokke's DU Presentation at St. Bonaventure in 2003

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Fri Jul 22 12:44:26 CDT 2005


I stumbled across subject video at lunchtime today. If you are tired of reading about what I have to say about Rokke, read no further.

A report of Rokke's talk in  2003 was the motivator for one of my first letters to an editor about Rokke. If you have some time, you can see the video at:


In addition to impugning the motives and words of my colleague and friend, Colonel Eric Daxon, and me by name, among others, in his Hitleresque tirade, I believe Rokke approaches treasonous acts by recommending that serving soldiers should refuse to fight in the then-approaching Gulf War II. 

He uses all of the tricks of a propagandist coupled with an excellent stage presence. He shows total disregard and disrespect for scientific integrity. He plays upon left-wing activist stereotypes to a sympathetic and scientifically naive audience. 

He insults the most honorable and ethical people I have ever been associated with, the U.S. Army officer corps, in his words and, most of all, by being an officer himself. "Duty, honor, country" seems to have little meaning to Rokke as he paints himself as the sole voice of reason and the savior of all he surveys.

Had I seen this video before I wrote my letter in 2003, I would have been much more vitriolic. Dissent and activism is one thing. What Rokke is doing is another and it is despicable.

Bob C

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