[ RadSafe ] Rokke's DU Presentation at St. Bonaventure in 2003

Maury Siskel maurysis at ev1.net
Fri Jul 22 15:04:35 CDT 2005

James, you are reducing this issue(s) to a tragic comedy. I have no idea 
what transpires in Rokke's private thoughts, but I believe his public 
behavior precludes any rational concern for the "health of future 
generations". His (and your) personal feelings may be  another matter. 
Personal decisions are one event; defending the health of future 
generations is quite another. Some of you seem to show conclusively that 
these events can be mutually exclusive.
Maury&Dog       maurysis at ev1.net   Maury Siskel

James Salsman wrote:

> ... treasonous acts by recommending that serving soldiers should 
> refuse to fight in the then-approaching Gulf War II....
> "I think that the government has successfully proved that any
> service member has reasonable cause to believe that the wars in 
> Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq were illegal."
> -- Lt. Cmdr. Robert Klant, presiding at Pablo Paredes' court-martial
> Making the correct personal decision to defend the health of
> future generations isn't treason.  It is conscientious.  I think
> that those who have been sounding the alarm deserve a great reward. 
> Those who have made errors in their reasoning should correct them 
> before they apply.
> Sincerely,
> James Salsman

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