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I appreciate the corrections.  I had heard the story
many years ago, and do not mind being corrected if I
am wrong.

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> To nitpick about John's anecdote:  It was the 1940
> election with
> Republican Wendell Wilkie opposing Roosevelt, who
> was running for a
> tradition-breaking third term (a possibility later
> ruled out by
> constitutional amendment).  The poll was conducted
> by the magazine
> Literary Digest and it was a telephone poll.  I
> showed Wilkie winning in
> a landslide, the very opposite of what happened in
> the actual election.
> Literary Digest went bankrupt shortly thereafter. 
> The whole affair was
> taken very seriously by political pollster, who
> modified their polling
> techniques to try to assure polling samples
> representative of the
> eventual electorate.
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> Of course, the poll is only a reflection of the
> sampling group.  There is a story that a telephone
> poll was conducted of the 1932 election between FDR
> and Herbert Hoover.  Herbert Hoover won the poll, as
> only rich people could afford telephones during the
> Great Depression.  (This is an ancedotal story, so
> do
> not take it seriously.)  A poll taken on RADSAF
> would
> only apply to those who subscribe to RADSAF.  And
> cared enough to vote.
> Rainer, I agree that the issues around the LNT and
> hormesis is not about scientific truth.  They are
> models of dose response, and neither rise to level
> of
> a scientific theory.

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