[ RadSafe ] Re: [ RadSafe] What Became of this 2001 WHO Investigation?

Dimiter Popoff didi at tgi-sci.com
Sun Jul 24 16:45:50 CDT 2005


>  What do you think the total mass of the uranium involved is?

what do _you_ think it is? It takes no calculations at all; it is obvious
that the concentration will be unmeasurable even if you dissolve all
the munitions fired so far in all wars in the annual rainfall of a country
smaller than Iraq. And please save us the thought on how some
local contamination can occur because all the munitions from all
wars will be cooked right into a tiny lake which provides the drinking water
of the nearby village unless you have sample reports from the water
of that lake prior to and after the event of interest. Uranium is
radioactive, it's easy to measure.
 BTW, this effort of yours begins to sound suspicious to me.
Of all known and unknown (kept secret) agents the soldiers are exposed to
you chose depleted uranium, probably the most harmless (just think
of all those vaccines, anti-chemical warfare treatments etc. etc., you
should know better than I do about that stuff). Could it be you are doing
this because you are a part of campaign to deflect attention from
some real  - well known to insiders - cause? Like the rest of the listmembers
I also know about your testicle concerns, there is no need to put these 
forward again, but if you have an explanation how come you chose uranium
of all things I'd be curious to know that.

 To the rest of the radsafers, sorry for the off-topic posting.
This non-radiation issue keeps recurring on this list probably because
it could not be sustained more than a couple of minutes among
chemists, which is where it belongs. We all have some chemical
background which tempts us to reply to threads like this 
(just like I do now), which is unfortunately enough to serve the agenda,
i.e. keep the thread(s) alive....


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