[ RadSafe ] LNT polling - initial results

A Karam paksbi at rit.edu
Thu Jul 28 14:44:19 CDT 2005

OK - we have had about 130 replies thus far.  Here is how things are
looking right now (just numbers, no analysis yet):
Threshold            42
LNT                    12
Hormesis            59
Linear-quadratic   10
Other                  5
Government        42
Academia            28
Nuclear Power    10
Environmental     3
Medical               20
Consulting        14
Other                13
HP                    95
Rad Biologist     6
Regulator            1
Med - rad            3
Med - non rad     3
Science - non rad    15
Other                    8
N. America        115
W. Europe          6
Russia                1
Asia (not Japan)    1
Middle East         1
Australia/NZ        4
Latin America        0
E. Europe/FSU     0
Other                    1
If you wish to participate, the survey is at this URL:
http://lnt.tgi-sci.com <http://lnt.tgi-sci.com> 
I'm really surprised that so few outside of North America have
participated - it would be nice to hear from more of you elsewhere in
the world.
To be honest with you, the number of people speaking up on behalf of
hormesis surprises me, but this could be due to self-selection (i.e.
there might be a tendency to speak up on behalf of a hypothesis that you
feel to be under attack than on behalf of one that seems fairly solid)
Anyhow - keep logging in (only once per customer!), and we'll keep
updating you.

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