[ RadSafe ] DDT (generally opposed by anti-nucs)

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Sun Nov 6 22:45:33 CST 2005

Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls for DDT use to fight malaria 
Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu has joined an international coalition calling on the Bush Administration and Congress to deploy DDT as a primary weapon in world malaria control policy. 
The Kill Malarial Mosquitoes NOW! Declaration asks that two-thirds of world malaria control monies be spent on DDT, or any more cost-effective insecticide, plus artemisia-based combination therapies (ACTs). At present, almost none of the $200 million that U.S. taxpayers contribute to world malaria control each year is spent on controlling the vector. 
South Africa slashed malaria rates by 96 percent in just three years, using a combination of DDT and ACT. Zambia reduced malaria by 75 percent in two years, through private efforts, also using DDT. A single spraying of household walls protects everyone in the home for at least six months. 
FYI -recent subject here. DDT opposition is similar to opposition to nuclear power.
Howard Long

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