[ RadSafe ] SS Penner prediction - Pebble Reactors, nonproliferative

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Thu Nov 10 12:45:09 CST 2005

July 17 2005, SSPenner predicted to Doctors for Disaster Preparednes in Las Vegas
that in 30 years we should have many pebble reactors because of increasing efficiency,
non-proliferative (of bomb plutonium), and inexpensive fuel (perhaps breeder?)
Dr Penner detailed experience with uranium, thorium, silicon pebbles.
His talk on audiotape (and slides also on  CD) are available from DDP at 520-325-2680   
or jersnav at mindspring.com
Howard Long

Marcel Schouwenburg <M.Schouwenburg at TNW.TUDelft.NL> wrote:

The Delft University of Technology is currently doing research on 
different types of reactors including Fluidized Bed Thermal Fission 
Nuclear Reactors and Gas cooled fast reactors.

For more info follow the links below:

Fluidized Bed Thermal Fission Nuclear Reactors: 

Gas cooled fast reactors: http://www.iri.tudelft.nl/~rooijen/index_en.html

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John_Rich at fpl.com wrote:

>Hey all you HTGR guys out there - -
>How about a few words on the high temperature gas cooled reactors? - - The
>latest version of the pebble bed is very efficient (as nuclear power goes)
>and is high temperature, high burnup, graphite moderated and continuous
>on-line refueling. (I don't have details, but some of our South Africa
>correspondents could supply more information.)
>;-) jmr
>John Rich
>(561) 691-2902

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