[ RadSafe ] Graphite moderated reactors

Khalid Aleissa kaleissa at kacst.edu.sa
Thu Nov 10 16:42:44 CST 2005

I do not want to say more about nuclear engineering ... it is just few words 
... these issues are very much important in evaluation the type of a 
- Neutron economy
- Nuclear safety (inherent safe)
- Safeguard
- Electricity power needed to run the plant
- Radwaste
- Political influence

If want to build a reactor,  I would chose CANDU for many reasons such as:
- Natural uranium enrichment (Safeguard)
- On-line fueling
- Nuclear Safety (except for Tritium generation)

HTGR came into the arena after the sale was offer ...


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> Hey all you HTGR guys out there - -
> How about a few words on the high temperature gas cooled reactors? - - The
> latest version of the pebble bed is very efficient (as nuclear power goes)
> and is high temperature, high burnup, graphite moderated and continuous
> on-line refueling.  (I don't have details, but some of our South Africa
> correspondents could supply more information.)
> ;-)   jmr
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