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So the  answer is yes, TC-99m can be a candidate for decay-in-storage.  
However,  I must caution that Cary should examine his particular U.S. Nuclear 
Regulatory  Commission, Materials License, and verify that he has authorization to 
hold  radioactive material for decay in storage.  If he does have 
authorization  then he can follow the monitoring, handling, and record keeping steps 
outlined  in 10CFR35.92, and 35.2092

I would like to weigh in with one further note.  The applicable  regulations 
are either the U.S. NRC's, or the Agreement State in which the  licensed 
facility is located.  In general, in California, the procedures  that will be used 
for "decay-in-storage" must be described in the application  for the license, 
which will then be "tied-down" in the actual license  document.  Also, 
generally speaking, any isotope with a half-life of less  than 120 days will be a 
candidate for decay-in-storage.
Barbara L. Hamrick

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