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howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Thu Nov 17 12:15:03 CST 2005

My apologies for clumsy wording that was misunderstood, Prof Becker.
1, Indeed, Germany is "Green" physically (absorbing CO2) and (punny) politically.
Germany, like the USA, likely should not be paying China, Brazil and India a world tax.
2, "Propaganda" is from all who want another tax to support authoritarianism, here and there.
Respectfully, Howard Long
PS, This morning A Kilcik et al report, (Washington Times) "Our results indicate marked influence of solar-activity variations on the earth's climate." 

Prof.Dr.Klaus.Becker at T-Online.de wrote:
Dear Mr. Long,

including the famous Black Forest, Germany is among the most forested areas in the civilized world, and - desptie the prevailing wind directions in your part of the world, I cannot dedect any relationship to "propaganda perfected 70 y ago" - here or anywhere elso.

Regards. Klaus Becker

"howard long" schrieb:
> Green Germany didn't quite keep majority opposition to nuclear power,
> France with 80% of electricity from nuclear (and so content with Kyoto),
> and USA with more absorbtion of CO2 from forests than production by cars
> (ppmCO2 in west coast prevailing winds MORE than in east coast exiting air)
> have natually different positions.
> If only politicos represented knwledge, instead of the propaganda perfected in Germany
> 70 years ago! 
> Howard Long
> Prof.Dr.Klaus.Becker at t-online.de wrote:
> Friends,
> as you may have noticed, I never subscribed to the habit of quoting extensively from more or less obscure newspapers in rad-sci-l. However, as one of my favorite playwriters Bert Brecht once remarked: "Principles are only kept alive by occasionally ignoring them!"
> As you perhaps know, among the world´s three most influential newspapers (the others are Financial Times and Wall Street Journal) is "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ). It published on Nov. 11 an Editorial about nuclear energy in Germany by Stefan Dietrich (full text by fax on request). He summarizes all the well-known arguments: Replacing nuclear energy - as prescribed by the red-green withdrawal legislation - by renewables would, according to the former Minister of Economy Mueller, eventually cost the German economy about 300 bill. USD; total dependance on Russian natural gas would invite blackmailing, etc. 
> In addition, there would be no chance to meet the Kyoto CO2 reduction protocol - in which the U.S. as the world´s main CO2 emitter did not participate anyway. To quote another well-known author, Winston Churchill: "You can always trust that our American friends will do the right thing - after exhausting all alternatives."
> These points have also been recently emphasized in a statement by the highly reputed German Physics Society, all the way down to an Open Letter to all members of parliament etc. which we just drafted, with so far 200 signatures.
> With our government crisis finally coming to an end (things seem to run more smoothly without interference by a government during the past half year), the nuclear question still remains unagreed-on. This means that the "exit-law" is officially still valid, but there is substantial hope that, with increasing oil prices and related pains, it will be abolished or at least modified into an extended NNP lifetime within the next years (similar to the Swedish situation).
> With cordial regards from the depressing late fall climate in Berlin to sunnier parts of the world
> Klaus
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