[ RadSafe ] New Radiation Protection Unit? The Taylor (Ty)

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I understood that the ICRP was wanting to rename equivalent dose as
radiation-weighted dose and give it a new unit to distinguish it from
absorbed dose and effective dose.  (See para 48 of the 2005 draft
recommendations as released at IRPA11, but now gone back into further
deliberation) I guess that still leaves the operational dose equivalents
with the same unit as effective dose.  In that context I'd view the
NCRP's action as an attempt to nominate "their man" for the new unit.

Peter Thomas
Medical Physics Section

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On 21 Nov 2005 at 17:36, John Jacobus wrote:

> As one who answers patients questions, I always feel
> that I should apologize for the confusion between DE
> and ED. I am not sure if naming a new unit would be
> more confusioning tahn the current situation.


I expect that most, if not all patients, would be confused. Heck, 
even most physicists remain confused on how to use the terms as 
intended!  MY biggest issue is that any new term would be contrary to 
the current definitions used throughout the world, and, are included 
in various international standards. The USA should not embark on a 
new term that is sued solely in the USA, and would further increase a 
a chasm in the standards area where there needs to be more 
harmonization, and not a continual splitting.

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