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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
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Peter, et. al. 
The NCRP is asking for comments on their proposal at

--- Peter Thomas <Peter.Thomas at arpansa.gov.au> wrote:

> Sandy,
> I understood that the ICRP was wanting to rename
> equivalent dose as
> radiation-weighted dose and give it a new unit to
> distinguish it from
> absorbed dose and effective dose.  (See para 48 of
> the 2005 draft
> recommendations as released at IRPA11, but now gone
> back into further
> deliberation) I guess that still leaves the
> operational dose equivalents
> with the same unit as effective dose.  In that
> context I'd view the
> NCRP's action as an attempt to nominate "their man"
> for the new unit.
> Peter Thomas
> Medical Physics Section
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