[ RadSafe ] LNT, CO2 and Nuclear Electricity

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Tue Nov 22 19:21:18 CST 2005

Lieber Franz,
My "defence of LNT" suggests you misunderstand what I said and my writings, like for the
Nukalert.  I oppose LNT, like most radsafers in a poll. LNT fears of cancer inhibit use of nuclear power, unreasonably.
I have skeptically analized (from epidemiology training)  Doctors for Disaster Preparedness hour-long presentations.  Pertinent to LNT are about 3/year and to global warming another 2/year. In 12  yearsI have learned from Luckey, B Cohen, Teller, Pollycove (my classmate), Penner, Muckerheide, J Cohen, and others. I have been privileged to question them.
Last week, Bruce Ames, Baliunas, Gray, Tayor and Michael Crichton presented the Myth of Global Warming, in San Francisco. Novelist Crichton is also an MD, and so critical of data he changed his "State of Fear" to fit his scientifically valid footnotes. Did you mean to imply that presence of an MD indicates absence of  thought useful to radiation safety?
Global warming fear does promote nuclear power here.  Germany likewise?
Respectfully, Howard Long

hoenhofer at gmail.com> wrote:
Some time ago I intended to send you via RADSAFE an e-mail, stopped after the first line, but unfortunately this e-mail was sent anyway without my control. 
There is after your most recent mail to RADSAFE even more reason to say:
Quo usque tandem abuteris patientiam nostram? "How far will you abuse our patience?"
You have sent since your first appearance on RADSAFE hardly anything acceptable and reasonable. Your "blind" acceptance and defence of LNT is something one can seriously discuss, but your arguments to support have met hard criticizm from the RADSAFE community. 
You describe yourself as a "family doctor". I do not know exactly, what this means in the USA, but I think that the most appropriate translation into my Austrian German would mean "common practitioner". I visited my "common practitioner" yesterday at about 6 p.m., had an interesting lengthy conversation with a lot of valuable advices, but I do not believe, that he would have been able or willing to join discussions on LNT, not to disregard the fact that he would of course not know, what this is. 
I draw the conclusion that you only pretend to be an MD, your messages clearly identify you as a mediocre or even less experienced person in the field of radiation. 
This becomes even more obvious since you distribute since some weeks mostly propaganda in favour of the actions of the USA in foreign countries, which contradict international law and international treaties. This propaganda is so intolerable, disgusting and contradicting any human sense, that I do not understand, why you have not yet been suspended from the list or at least been warned to continue with such messages.  
Finally you seem not to have recognized, that in the meantime hardly anybody on RADSAFE answers to your ridiculous contributions. You do not even recognize, that at least one of the respondends fools you continuously.  
Good bye!

2005/11/17, howard long <hflong at pacbell.net>: My apologies for clumsy wording that was misunderstood, Prof Becker.
1, Indeed, Germany is "Green" physically (absorbing CO2) and (punny) politically. 
Germany, like the USA, likely should not be paying China, Brazil and India a world tax.
2, "Propaganda" is from all who want another tax to support authoritarianism, here and there.

Respectfully, Howard Long 

PS, This morning A Kilcik et al report, (Washington Times) "Our results indicate marked influence of solar-activity variations on the earth's climate."

Prof.Dr.Klaus.Becker at T-Online.de wrote:
Dear Mr. Long,

including the famous Black Forest, Germany is among the most forested areas in the civilized world, and - desptie the prevailing wind directions in your part of the world, I cannot dedect any relationship to "propaganda perfected 70 y ago" - here or anywhere elso. 

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