[ RadSafe ] license for neutron source?

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I believe that is correct with regard to the majors being unwilling to sell 
neutron generators to independents (or much of anything else; witness the 
sad story of Halliburton and the acquisition of GO/GOI/MLS, and more 
recently Weatherford and their absorption of Computalog/SIE).

In addition to Thermo, there is also Ray Ethridge down in Chapel Hill, 
Texas.  And don't forget the cheaper Russian tubes used by Hotwell and 
others in pulsed neutron logging of one kind or another.

These devices are comparatively expensive, but "chemical" neutron sources 
are all but impossible to get at the moment.  So there may be some serious 
discussion about the use of neutron generator tubes for conventional neutron 
porosity well logging in the near future.  MPD (formerly part of GE) was 
exploring this market fairly recently.

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> At 01:58 PM 11/18/2005, JGinniver at aol.com wrote:
>>I understand that the following companies can supply different 
>>Primary focus  _Baker Hughes,  Inc._ (http://www.bakerhughes.com/) 
>>(Houston, TX)
>>Oilfield services  _Halliburton  Co._ (http://www.halliburton.com/) 
>>TX) Oilfield services  _Schlumberger  Ltd._ (http://www.schlumberger.com/)
>>(Princeton, NJ) Oilfield services  _Thermo Electron  Corp._
>>(http://www.thermo.com/)  (Colorado Springs, CO) All commercial 
> AFAIK, The three oilfield services companies mentioned (Baker Hughes, 
> Halliburton and Schlumberger) produce pulsed neutron generators only for 
> internal use (for downhole physical measurements).
> Thermo Electron corp produce a range of generators using both D-D and D-T 
> reaction and are the obvious choice to investigate for an application such 
> as Tom mentioned.
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